Five-dimensional CFTs from the $\epsilon$-expansion

  title={Five-dimensional CFTs from the \$\epsilon\$-expansion},
  author={Fabiana De Cesare and Lorenzo Di Pietro and Marco Serone},
We look for UV fixed points of non-abelian SU(nc) gauge theories in 4+2 dimensions with nf Dirac fermions in the fundamental representation, using the available fiveloop MS β-function and employing Padé-Borel resummation techniques and Padé approximants to the series expansion in . We find evidence for a 5d UV-fixed point for SU(2) theories with nf ≤ 4 and pure SU(nc) theories for nc ≤ 4. We also compute the anomalous dimensions γ and γg of respectively the fermion mass bilinear and the gauge… 

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