Five Years of the All-Volunteer Force: 1973-1978

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The Continuing Relevance of Morris Janowitz’s The Professional Soldier for the Education of Officers

In the current strategic environment, Morris Janowitz’s The Professional Soldier deserves renewed emphasis, especially from the military’s senior leaders who are responsible for the education and


Das Militär

  • Florian Böller
  • Political Science
    Springer Reference Sozialwissenschaften
  • 2020

Civil–Military Relations

  • P. Shields
  • Political Science
    Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Third Edition
  • 2020

Shoulder to Shoulder Yet Worlds Apart: Variations in Women's Integration in the Militaries of France, Norway, and the United States

Women have become an essential part of Western militaries. Particularly concerning the experience of NATO militaries in Afghanistan, there has been much public attention on the role of women in the

The Demographics of Force Generation: Recruitment, Attrition and Retention of Citizen Soldiers

  • C. Leuprecht
  • Political Science
    Canadian Defence Policy in Theory and Practice
  • 2019
People are the armed forces’ most precious asset: the people soldiers serve at home and abroad, and the people who work for the military. Professional armed forces are quite systematic about

Historical policies affecting women’s military and family roles

Purpose The US military depends on women to meet recruiting goals, but women participate at lower rates than men. Theorists suggest that military and family policies affect women’s lower

Reliably Republican? Shifts in U.S. Veterans’ Political Party Affiliation from 1974 to 2016

Abstract Assumptions of veteran affiliation with the Republican Party are widespread, but the extent to which veteran status constitutes a social cleavage patterning political alignment remains

Legitimizing Military Growth and Conscription: The Yom Kippur Mechanism

By the 1970s, it was clear to the western world that the days of mass armies, based on broad conscription, were over. In Israel, however, despite the presence of some elements similar to those which