Fitting of the Thomson scattering density and temperature profiles on the COMPASS tokamak.

  title={Fitting of the Thomson scattering density and temperature profiles on the COMPASS tokamak.},
  author={E. {\vS}tef{\'a}nikov{\'a} and M. Peterka and P. Bohm and P. B{\'i}lkov{\'a} and M. Aftanas and M. {\vS}os and J. Urban and M. Hron and R. Panek},
  journal={The Review of scientific instruments},
  volume={87 11},
A new technique for fitting the full radial profiles of electron density and temperature obtained by the Thomson scattering diagnostic in H-mode discharges on the COMPASS tokamak is described. The technique combines the conventionally used modified hyperbolic tangent function for the edge transport barrier (pedestal) fitting and a modification of a Gaussian function for fitting the core plasma. Low number of parameters of this combined function and their straightforward interpretability and… Expand
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