Fitness distributions in exponentially growing asexual populations.

  title={Fitness distributions in exponentially growing asexual populations.},
  author={Susanna C. Manrubia and Ester L{\'a}zaro and Juan P{\'e}rez-Mercader and Cristina Escarm{\'i}s and Esteban Domingo},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={90 18},
We explore a mean-field model for the evolution of exponentially growing populations of mutating replicators. Motivated by recent in vitro experiments devised to analyze phenotypic properties of bacterial and viral populations subjected to serial population transfers, we allow our in silico individuals to undergo unrestricted growth before applying bottleneck events. Different dynamical regimes of our model can be mapped to different experimental situations. Numerical and analytical results for… CONTINUE READING

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