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Fisiopatología y tratamiento del hidrocele

  title={Fisiopatolog{\'i}a y tratamiento del hidrocele},
  author={A. Ram{\'i}rez},
Hydrocele is an abnormal benign collection of serous fluid between the parietal and visceral layers of the tunica vaginalis. From an etiologic standpoint, it can be grouped as congenital or acquired. Congenital hydrocele is caused by a patent processus vaginalis and consequent communication between the tunica vaginalis and the peritoneal cavity. Defective lymphatic drainage of the tunica vaginalis and the capillary filtration pressure are factors for the formation of acquired hydrocele… Expand


Giant unilateral hydrocele “en-bisac” with right hydronephrosis in an adult: A rare entity
A case of giant unilateral hydrocele en-bisac who presented with spontaneous rupture of the sac is reported, which is considered mandatory since spontaneous resolution is extremely rare. Expand
Cambios espermáticos en pacientes con hidrocele
In hydrocele, important anatomical changes have been observed causing alterations in the thermodynamics of escroto, that can be a conditioner to alter the spermatic characteristics in varicocele. Expand
Sclerotherapy of hydroceles and spermatoceles with alcohol: results and effects on the semen analysis.
Sclerotherapy of hydroceles and spermatoceles with 99.5% alcohol is an efficient procedure that can be performed without difficulties, cost-effectiveness, with few side effects and which may be performed in patients who wish fertility. Expand
Endoscopic versus open hydrocelectomy for the treatment of adult hydroceles: a randomized controlled clinical trial
Endoscopic method is a viable option in the treatment of hydrocele and an earlier achievement of a better cosmetic outcome and a comfortable postoperative period when compared with the conventional treatment. Expand
The inguinal canal: anatomy and imaging features of common and uncommon masses.
A combination of the clinical history, symptoms, laboratory values, and radiologic features aids the radiologist in accurately diagnosing mass lesions of the inguinal canal. Expand
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