Fishing for pleiotropic QTLs in a polygenic sea.

  title={Fishing for pleiotropic QTLs in a polygenic sea.},
  author={Lara Bauman and Laura Almasy and John Blangero and Ravindranath Duggirala and Janet S. Sinsheimer and Kenneth Lange},
  journal={Annals of human genetics},
  volume={69 Pt 5},
The application of factor analysis to human genetics has the potential to discover the coordinated control of multiple traits by common environment, common polygenes, or a single major gene. Classical factor analysis explains the covariation among the components of a random vector by approximating the vector by a linear transformation of a small number of uncorrelated factors. In the current paper we show how factor analysis dovetails with the classical variance decompositions of biometrical… CONTINUE READING