Fishes of North America Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern: 1989

  title={Fishes of North America Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern: 1989},
  author={Jack E. Williams and James E. Johnson and Dean A. Hendrickson and Salvador Contreras-Balderas and James D. Williams and Miguel Navarro‐Mendoza and Donald Evan McAllister and James E. Deacon},
Abstract The American Fisheries Society herein provides an update of their now decade-old list of rare North American fishes. The 1989 list adds 139 new taxa to the list developed by Deacon et al. (1979) of 251 fishes and removes 26 for a total of 364 fishes in Canada, United States, and Mexico that warrant protection because of their rarity. The 26 taxa removed from the 1979 list include 16 removed because of better information on their taxonomy or status and 10 because they have become… 

Conservation status of imperiled north American freshwater and diadromous fishes

This list includes 700 extant taxa representing 133 genera and 36 families, a 92% increase over the 364 listed in 1989, and reflects the addition of distinct populations, previously non-imperiled fishes, and recently described or discovered taxa.

Extinctions of North American Fishes During the past Century

Abstract Extinctions of 3 genera, 27 species, and 13 subspecies of fishes from North America are documented during the past 100 years. Extinctions are recorded from all areas except northern Canada

A Reassessment of the Conservation Status of Crayfishes of the United States and Canada after 10+ Years of Increased Awareness

A list of all crayfishes in the United States and Canada that includes common names; state and provincial distributions; a comprehensive review of the conservation status of all taxa; and references on biology, conservation, and distribution is provided.

Diversity, distribution, and conservation status of the native freshwater fishes of the Southern United States

The Southeastern Fishes Council Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the diversity, distribution, and status of all native freshwater and diadromous fishes across 51 major drainage units of the southern United States to determine the status of extinct, endangered, threatened, or vulnerable fishes.

Conservation Status of Freshwater Gastropods of Canada and the United States

Comparison of modern to background extinction rates reveals that gastropods have the highest modern extinction rate yet observed, 9,539 times greater than background rates.

Conservation Status of Freshwater Mussels of the United States and Canada

The American Fisheries Society herein provides a list of all native freshwater mussels (families Margaritiferidae and Unionidae) in the United States and Canada and a comprehensive review of the conservation status of all taxa.

Conservation Status of Crayfishes of the United States and Canada

It is estimated that almost 50% of crayfishes in United States and Canada are in need of conservation recognition, and it is hoped that this report spurs increased research efforts from aquatic ...

Have fishes had their chips? The dilemma of threatened fishes

  • M. Bruton
  • Environmental Science
    Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • 2004
SynopsisThe conservation status and factors threatening fishes worldwide are reviewed in order to introduce a series of one-page articles on ‘Threatened fishes of the world’, and to encourage the

Biodiversity Loss in the Temperate Zone: Decline of the Native Fish Fauna of California

In proportion to the entire fauna, loss of species may be as great in temperate regions as in tropical regions. To test the validity of this statement we analyzed the status of the native fish fauna

Conservation Satus of North American Freshwater Crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae)from the Southern United States.

A list is provided of all crayfishes (family Cambaridae) in the southern United States, which includes common names, global conservation status, an alternative review of the conservation status based



Threatened Freshwater Fishes of the United States

Abstract Threatened, native freshwater fishes are listed for 49 of the 50 U.S. States, the first such compilation. Over 300 kinds are included in a formal classification, cross-indexed to states

A list of the freshwater fishes of Maryland and Delaware

The only publications attempting to list the species of fishes known to inhabit Maryland and Delaware (Uhler and Lugger 1876, 1877; Fowler 1911; Truitt, Bean, and Fowler 1929) are now outdated.

A New Cyprinid of the Genus Phoxinus Endemic to the Upper Cumberland River Drainage

Ameca splendens, a new genus and species of goodeid fish from western Mexico, with remarks on the classification of the Goodeidae, is described.

Virtual Extinction of Gambusia amistadensis n. sp., a Poeciliid Fish from Texas

The fishes of the family Anthiidae from the Western Indian Ocean and the Red Sea are studied to show the diversity of serraniform fishes found in this region.

A List of common and scientific names of fishes from the United States and Canada

Bring home now the book enPDFd a list of common and scientific names of fishes from the united states and canada to be your sources when going to read. It can be your new collection to not only

Notropis mekistocholas, a New Herbivorous Cyprinid Fish Endemic to the Cape Fear River Basin, North Carolina

Discovery of a unique new species of Notropis, closely related to N. procne (Cope), with an elongate gut tends to obscure further the alreadyvague limits of certain North American cyprinid genera.

Fishes of the Great Lakes Region

For everyday anglers, armchair enthusiasts, and serious students, Hubbs and Lagler's text remains the definitive work in the identification and study of the fishes of this important freshwater

Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni, A New Genus and Species of Subterranean Fish from Alabama

SCHINDLER, 0. 1953. Unsere Sisswasserfische. Stuttgart. SIMEK, Z. 1959. Ryby nasich vod. Praha. SVETOVIDOV, A. N., AND E. A. DOROFEEVA. 1963. Sistematicheskie otnoshenia, proiskhozhdenie i istoria

How to know the freshwater algae.

Proporciona informacion sobre donde y como colectar y preservar algas, incluye listado del genero de acuerdo a las familias, ordenes y filum de las algas.

Diagnoses of new cyprinid fishes of isolated water in the Great Basin of Western North America

  • Trans . San Diego Soc . Nat . Hist
  • 1972