Fishery of Lake Ladoga — past, present and future

  title={Fishery of Lake Ladoga — past, present and future},
  author={Leonid K. Kudersky and Juha Jurvelius and Markku Kaukoranta and Pekka Tuunainen and Ky{\"o}sti M{\"a}kinen},
The post-war fishery of Lake Ladoga can be divided according to its catch level into four periods. In the years 1945–1954 the total annual catch increased, and reached the level of 4000 tonnes. In this period the fish stocks that had increased during the war years were intensively exploited. However, this fishery was not in balance with the stocks during the period 1955–1963. As a consequence, the catch decreased drastically, being sometimes less than 2000 tonnes.Controlling the fishery… 
Ecological state and monitoring of limnological and biological parameters in Lake Ladoga, Russia
Lake Ladoga (17 891 km 2 ) is the largest lake in Europe, with a 258 000 km 2 drainage area that extends to much of north-western European Russia and eastern Finland. Its ecosystem has been
Plankton community structure during the vernal thermal front in southern Lake Ladoga, Russia
A thermal har is a shore-parallel front which separates descending waters at or near the fresh water temperature o f maximum density ( 4 °C) during the spring_ and au~ seasons (GBAH & MURTHY 1998).
Status and biology of Saimaa ( Phoca hispida saimensis ) and Ladoga ( Phoca hispida ladogensis ) ringed seals
Saimaa ( Phoca hispida saimensis ) and Ladoga ( P. h. ladogensis ) seals are subspecies of ringed seals that live in freshwater lakes. The founding populations for these two subspecies became
DNA barcoding reveals different cestode helminth species in northern European marine and freshwater ringed seals
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