Fish species diversity and relative abundance in Lake Albert—Uganda

  title={Fish species diversity and relative abundance in Lake Albert—Uganda},
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Lake Albert is located towards the tip of the western arm of the African Great Rift Valley, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite the presence of several predatory fishes, including the Nile perch (Lates niloticus), Lake Albert supports the most diverse commercial fisheries in Uganda with at least 55 species that vary markedly in size. The lake contributes at least 30% of the national fish production. Increased human activity around and within Lake Albert, especially oil… Expand
Biogeography: Lakes—African Great Lakes
Abstract The African Great Lakes (AGL) are among the most ecologically and economically important aquatic biomes of the world. They are sources of nutritious fish in a region where malnutrition andExpand
Changes in Fish Diversity and Fisheries in Ziway-Shala Basin: The Case of Lake Ziway, Ethiopia
Lake Ziway is an economically important lake in the country. However, the physico-chemical parameters of the lake seem to be threatened by anthropogenic and climatic factors, which in turn affectExpand
Fish and Fisheries in the Nile Basin
Fish landing from inland fisheries in the Nile Basin countries represent a major component of total fisheries production. In 2013, inland fish production in these countries reached 1,503,429 tonnes,Expand
The decline of Alestes baremose Boulenger, 1901 and Hydrocynus forskahlii (Cuvier, 1819) stocks in Lake Albert: Implications for sustainable management of their fisheries
There was no interaction between the fertilizer combinations and variety, suggesting that the orange-fleshed sweet potato varieties  responded similarly to nutrient management strategies. Expand
Limnology and the future of African inland waters
It is proposed that a Pan African Water Institute be formed in partnership with exciting new initiatives, such as the African Centre for Aquatic Research and Education (ACARE), with support of international (e.g., International Society of Limnology [SIL]) and participation of local limnological and other water-focused organizations. Expand
Current status and trends of fishes and fishery of a shallow rift valley lake, Lake Ziway, Ethiopia
A Thesis Submitted to The Department of Zoological Sciences Presented in Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Zoological Sciences (Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)
The socio-economic and environmental implications of oil and gas exploration: Perspectives at the micro level in the Albertine region of Uganda
Abstract The recent oil and gas exploration activities in the Albertine region of western Uganda has raised a debate on the plight of the local people at various scales. We used local perspectives onExpand


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