Fish predation on Hawaiian corals

  title={Fish predation on Hawaiian corals},
  author={Deanne Jayewardene and Charles Birkeland},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
Coral Reefs (2006) 25: 328 DOI 10.1007/s00338-006-0111-z Reef sites Frequent predation on living coral by barred filefish (Cantherhines dumerilii) and spotted puffers (Arothron meleagris) may be a substantial energy drain on coral populations in the main Hawaiian Islands, and may contribute to the irregular morphology of the corals. Cantherhines dumerilii preys mainly on Porites lobata and Pocillopora meandrina, leaving small superficial lesions. A. meleagris, on the other hand, makes… CONTINUE READING