Fish kills linked to a toxic ambush-predator dinoflagellate : distribution and environmental conditions

  title={Fish kills linked to a toxic ambush-predator dinoflagellate : distribution and environmental conditions},
  author={Joann M. Burkholder and Howard B. Glasgow and C. Hobbs},
The toxic ambush-predator dinoflagellate Pfiesteria piscicida gen. et sp. nov. has been implicated as a causative agent of major fish kills in estuarine ecosystems of the southeastern United States. P, piscicida is stimulated by fresh fish secreta, and it was lethal to all 19 species of native and exotic flnfish and shellfish bioassayed in culture; thus far in field and aquaculture kills linked to the d~noflagellate. 13 additional fish species have been affected. Field data in combination with… CONTINUE READING


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