Fish in a Dish: Drug Discovery for Hearing Habilitation.

  title={Fish in a Dish: Drug Discovery for Hearing Habilitation.},
  author={Robert Esterberg and Allison B. Coffin and Henry C. Ou and Julian A Simon and David W. Raible and Edwin W. Rubel},
  journal={Drug discovery today. Disease models},
  volume={10 1}
The majority of hearing loss is caused by the permanent loss of inner ear hair cells. The identification of drugs that modulate the susceptibility to hair cell loss or spur their regeneration is often hampered by the difficulties of assaying for such complex phenomena in mammalian models. The zebrafish has emerged as a powerful animal model for chemical screening in many contexts. Several characteristics of the zebrafish, such as its small size and external location of sensory hair cells… CONTINUE READING