Fish fauna of Chalakudy River, part of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, Kerala, India: patterns of distribution, threats and conservation needs

  title={Fish fauna of Chalakudy River, part of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, Kerala, India: patterns of distribution, threats and conservation needs},
  author={Rajeev Raghavan and Gopal Prasad and P. H. Anvar Ali and Benno Pereira},
  journal={Biodiversity and Conservation},
Key ResultSeventy one fish species belonging to 27 families and 50 genera were collected from various sampling sites spread along the upstream and downstream parts of the Chalakudy river, in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot in Kerala, South India. Cyprinids were the most dominant group represented by 24 species belonging to 13 genera, followed by the catfishes of the family Bagridae (7 species from 2 genera) and loaches belonging to the family Balitoridae (5 species from 5 genera).Expand

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