Fish assemblage in a dammed tropical river : an analysis along the longitudinal and temporal gradients from river to reservoir

  title={Fish assemblage in a dammed tropical river : an analysis along the longitudinal and temporal gradients from river to reservoir},
  author={Bianca de Freitas Terra and Alex Braz Iacone Santos and Francisco Gerson Ara{\'u}jo},
We analysed changes in the fish assemblage structure along a longitudinal gradient of the Paraíba do Sul River and Funil Reservoir. We tested the hypothesis that shifts from lotic to lentic environment affect the richness and structure of the assemblage which are modulated by seasonal rainfall changes. Standardised monthly samplings were carried out from October 2006 to September 2007 in four zones: 1) river upstream from the reservoir; 2) upper part of the reservoir; 3) lower part of the… CONTINUE READING


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