Fish Oil Reduces Hepatic Injury by Maintaining Normal Intestinal Permeability and Microbiota in Chronic Ethanol-Fed Rats.

  title={Fish Oil Reduces Hepatic Injury by Maintaining Normal Intestinal Permeability and Microbiota in Chronic Ethanol-Fed Rats.},
  author={Jiun Rong Chen and Ya-Ling Chen and Hsiang-Chi Peng and Yu-An Lu and Hsiao-Li Chuang and Hsiao-Yun Chang and Hsiao-Yun Wang and Yu-Ju Su and Suh-Ching Yang},
  journal={Gastroenterology research and practice},
The aim of this study was to investigate the ameliorative effects of fish oil on hepatic injury in ethanol-fed rats based on the intestinal permeability and microbiota. Rats were assigned to 6 groups and fed either a control diet or an ethanol diet such as C (control), CF25 (control with 25% fish oil), CF57 (control with 57% fish oil), E (ethanol), EF25 (ethanol with 25% fish oil), and EF57 (ethanol with 57% fish oil) groups. Rats were sacrificed at the end of 8 weeks. Plasma aspartate… CONTINUE READING


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