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Fish Fauna of Çoruh River and Two First Record for Turkey

  title={Fish Fauna of Çoruh River and Two First Record for Turkey},
  author={Esra Bayçelebi and D. Turan and B. Japoshvili},
  journal={Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences},
Fish fauna in the Coruh River was studied. Samples were collected during September 2001 to May 2014 at 21 locations throughout the river drainage in Turkish territory. In total 510 specimens belonging to 5 families and 16 species were collected. Four species (Phoxinus colchicus, Cyprinus carpio, Gobio cf. caucasicus, and Silurus glanis) were recorded for the first time for this river and two species (Phoxinus colchicus, Barbus rionica) were new for Turkish ichtyofauna. 
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