First-trimester prenatal diagnosis of severe alpha-thalassemia.

  title={First-trimester prenatal diagnosis of severe alpha-thalassemia.},
  author={Li Min Wang and Jun Wei Zhang and Gary Wu and Shang Wu Wang and Yu Fan and Y. Wayne Huang and Lina Zhao and Ruo Xiang Wang and John G. D. Su and Naizhen Zhang},
  journal={Prenatal diagnosis},
  volume={6 2},
By means of chorion biopsy together with restriction endonuclease analysis of fetal DNA, first trimester diagnoses were successfully made in 33 fetuses at risk for Bart's hydrops fetalis. Seven pregnancies with Hb H or hydrops fetalis were therapeutically terminated before 4 1/2 months of gestation. Of the 26 pregnancies intended to continue, 18 have come to term with normal deliveries; one with threatened abortion was terminated at the end of the first trimester and, seven are progressing… CONTINUE READING