First-trimester prenatal counseling in private practice.

  • J Carey
  • Published 1981 in
    JOGN nursing; journal of obstetric, gynecologic…


The future of first-trimester prenatal counseling in private practice is as bright as office nurses choose to make it. Currently, counseling of this kind is being offered only at two places, the Sunnyside office and at the office of another obstetrician whose nurse was trained for counseling by the author. A huge network of private practice counseling is possible, however, if office nurses would learn these skills. Despite some reports of opposition, many physicians would welcome nurses in this counselor's role. A 1972 survey of obstetrician-gynecologists showed that 51% favored delegating more tasks to the office nurse, if only to free the physicians's time to see additional patients. According to the physicians surveyed, the "maternity nurse could perform many of the prevention and counseling routines" the physicians felt took up roughly 75% of their office time. First-trimester prenatal counseling in private practice is not only possible in a structured, group-oriented sense, but it is necessary and worthwhile as well. Patients have become increasingly aware of their rights as consumers of health care. Where they get their information-and how accurate and complete it is-is largely up to the nursing profession.

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