First-trimester euploid miscarriages analysed by array-CGH

  title={First-trimester euploid miscarriages analysed by array-CGH},
  author={Chiara Donatella Viaggi and Simona Cavani and Michela Malacarne and F. Floriddia and G. Zerega and Chiara Baldo and Massimo Mogni and M Castagnetta and Giuseppe Piombo and Domenico Coviello and Franco Camandona and Davide Lijoi and W. Insegno and Michele Traversa and M. PierLuigi},
  journal={Journal of Applied Genetics},
It is estimated that 10–15 % of all clinically recognised pregnancies results in a miscarriage, most of which occur during the first trimester. Large-scale chromosomal abnormalities have been found in up to 50 % of first-trimester spontaneous abortions and, for several decades, standard cytogenetic analysis has been used for their identification. Recent studies have proven that array comparative genomic hybridisation (array-CGH) is a useful tool for the detection of genome imbalances in… CONTINUE READING