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First results of the Lomonosov TUS and GRB experiments

  title={First results of the Lomonosov TUS and GRB experiments},
  author={Svetlana Biktemerova and A. V. Bogomolov and Vitaly V. Bogomolov and A. A. Botvinko and Alberto J. Castro-Tirado and Evgeny Gorbovskoy and Natalia P. Chirskaya and Valery E. Eremeev and Gali Garipov and Viktor Grebenyuk and A. A. Grinyuk and Anatoli F. Iyudin and S. M. Jeong and H. M. Jeong and N. L. Jioeva and Polina Kazarjan and Nikolai N. Kalmykov and M. A. Kaznacheeva and Boris A. Khrenov and M. B. Kim and Pavel A. Klimov and Ekaterina Kuznetsova and Maria Lavrova and J. S. H. Lee and Vladimir M. Lipunov and O. Martinez and I. N. Mjagkova and Mikhail I. Panasyuk and Il Han Park and V. L. Petrov and Epifanio Ponce and A. E. Puchkov and Humberto Ibarguen Salazar and O. A. Saprykin and A. N. Senkovsky and Sergey Sharakin and A. V. Shirokov and Sergey I. Svertilov and Artur Tkachenko and Leonid Tkachev and I. V. Yashin and Mikhail Zotov},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
On April 28, 2016, the Lomonosov satellite, equipped with a number of scientific instruments, was launched into orbit. Here we present briefly some of the results obtained with the first orbital telescope of extreme energy cosmic rays TUS and by a group of detectors aimed at multi-messenger observations of gamma-ray bursts. 
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