First results from the Langmuir Probes on the Swarm satellites

  title={First results from the Langmuir Probes on the Swarm satellites},
  author={Stephan C. Buchert and Anders Eriksson and Reine Gill and Thomas Nilsson and Lennart Ahlen and J E Wahlund and D. J. Knudsen and Johnathan K. Burchill and William E Archer and Alexei Kouznetsov and Nico Stricker and Abderrazak Bouridah and Ralph Bock and Ingemar Haggstrom and Michael T. Rietveld and Sixto A. Gonzalez and N{\'e}stor Aponte},
  journal={2014 XXXIth URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (URSI GASS)},
Langmuir Probes (LP) are well-proven simple instruments allowing to estimate the electron density (Ne) and temperature (Te) of a plasma. They are also used to estimate the electric potential of satellites to the benefit of other instruments and technical systems. On the Swarm satellites the LPs are part of the Electric Field Instruments (EFI) featuring… CONTINUE READING