First results from HerMES on the evolution of the submillimetre luminosity function

  title={First results from HerMES on the evolution of the submillimetre luminosity function},
  author={Stephen A. Eales and Gwenifer Raymond and Isaac Roseboom and Bruno Altieri and Alexandre Amblard and Vinodiran Arumugam and Robbie Auld and Herv{\'e} Aussel and Tom S. R. Babbedge and Andrew W. Blain and James Bock and Alessandro Boselli and Douglas Brisbin and V{\'e}ronique Buat and Denis Burgarella and N. Castro-Rodr{\'i}guez and Antonio La Cava and P. Chanial and D. L. Clements and Alex Conley and Luca Conversi and Asantha Cooray and Charles D. Dowell and Eli Dwek and Simon Dye and David Elbaz and Duncan Farrah and Matt Fox and Alberto Franceschini and Walter K. P. Gear and Jason Glenn and E. A. Gonz{\'a}lez Solares and Martine Gri and Martin O Harwit and Evanthia Hatziminaoglou and J. Huang and Eduardo Ibar and K. J. Isaak and R J Ivison and Guilaine Lagache and Louis Levenson and Carol J. Lonsdale and Nanyao Lu and Suzanne Madden and Brian Ma and Ei and Gabriele Mainetti and Lucia Marchetti and Glenn E. Morrison and A. M. J. Mortier and Hien D. T. Nguyen and Brian O’Halloran and Seb Oliver and Alain Omont and Frazer N. Owen and Mathew J. Page and M. Pannella and Pasquale Panuzzo and Andreas Papageorgiou and C. P. Pearson and Ismael P{\'e}rez-Fournon and Michael Pohlen and J. I. Rawlings and Dimitra Rigopoulou and Donna. Rizzo and M. Rowan-Robinson and M. S{\'a}nchez Portal and Bernhard Schulz and Douglas Scott and Nick Seymour and David L. Shupe and Anthony James Smith and Jason A. Stevens and Veronica Strazzullo and Myrto Symeonidis and Markos Trichas and K. E. Tugwell and M. Vaccari and Ivan Valtchanov and L. Vigroux and Lingyu Wang and Ryk Ward and Gillian Wright and C. Kevin Xu and Mike Zemcov},
We have carried out two extremely deep surveys with SPIRE, one of the two cameras on Herschel, at 250 μm, close to the peak of the far-infrared background. We have used the results to investigate the evolution of the rest-frame 250-μm luminosity function out to z = 2. We find evidence for strong evolution out to z 1 but evidence for at most weak evolution beyond this redshift. Our results suggest that a significant part of the stars and metals in the universe today were formed at z 1.4 in… CONTINUE READING

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