First report of natural occurence of Papaya leaf crumple virus on soyabean in India

  title={First report of natural occurence of Papaya leaf crumple virus on soyabean in India},
  author={Meraj Jaidi and Ashish Srivastava and Susheel Kumar and Sri Krishna Raj and R Singh},
  journal={New Disease Reports},
Soybean ( Glycine max , family Fabaceae ) is a most important nutrient crop. It is native to East Asia and is grown widely as a pulse rich in protein, and also has numerous other uses. Symptoms of leaf crumple disease at Lalitpur (24.6° N,… 
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First report of natural occurence of Papaya leaf crumple virus on soyabean in India
  • New Disease Reports 32,
  • 2015