First report of Meloidogyne graminis on golf courses turfgrass in Brazil

  title={First report of Meloidogyne graminis on golf courses turfgrass in Brazil},
  author={Samara Azevedo de Oliveira and Claudio Marcelo G. Oliveira and Carla Maria Nobre Maleita and Maria de F{\'a}tima Silva and Isabel M. O. Abrantes and S{\'i}lvia Renata Siciliano Wilcken},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Plant-parasitic nematodes of the genus Meloidogyne, known as root-knot nematodes (RKN), have an important economic impact on golf course turfgrasses. The most prevalent RKN species associated with grasses are M. chitwoodi, M. graminicola, M. graminis, M. incognita, M. marylandi, M. microtyla, M. minor, M. naasi and M. sasseri. In 2010, slight thickening of the roots and RKN females with unusual features were observed in turfgrass roots on golf courses in Araras, São Paulo state, Brazil. This… CONTINUE READING


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Uso de técnicas moleculares e micro - scopia eletrônica de varredura no esclarecimento da posiç ã o taxonômica da populaç ã o K 5 de Pratylenchus sp

Oliveira CMG, R Bessi, R Harakava, Machado ACZ, RK Kubo
  • Nematologia Brasileira
  • 2011