First record of the genus Gigantione (Epicaridea: Bopyridae: Pseudioninae) from Chinese waters, with description of three new species

  title={First record of the genus Gigantione (Epicaridea: Bopyridae: Pseudioninae) from Chinese waters, with description of three new species},
  author={Jianmei An and Haiyan Yu and John C. Markham},
  journal={Journal of Natural History},
  pages={335 - 353}
The parasitic isopod genus Gigantione is first recorded from China. Four species are reported infesting xanthid and goneplacid crabs, three are new to science, and one is a new record from China. Gigantione ishigakiensis Shiino, 1941, infesting Liagore rubromaculata (De Haan); G. hainanensis sp. nov., infesting Atergatis floridus (L.) and Atergatis sp., which differs from other recorded species in the shape of its barbula, first oostegite and subrectangular maxilliped; G. rhombos sp. nov… 
Two new species of Gigantione Kossmann, 1881 (Crustacea: Isopoda: Bopyridae) from Beibu Gulf
Two new species of the parasitic isopod genus Gigantione Kossmann, 1881 are described infesting the goneplacid crab Notonyx musuppocenta, and can be distinguished from other described species by their males having mid-ventral projections on the first three pleomeres.
A review of bopyrid isopods infesting crabs from China.
  • Jianmei An
  • Biology
    Integrative and comparative biology
  • 2009
The new species Tylokepon biturus from Menaethius monoceros (Latreille) collected in China is distinguished from other members of the genus by the striking shape of the head, two mid-dorsal projections on Pereomere 6, and entire pleopods and uropods without any tubercules on their surface.
A Review of Bopyrids (Crustacea: Isopoda: Bopyridae) Parasitic on Caridean Shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from China
A review of 37 bopyrid isopods known to infest 43 species of caridean shrimps in China is presented, based on literature records and new material. Synonymies are provided for all species, with
History of Discovery of Parasitic Crustacea
This chapter reviews the history of discovery for each of the major parasitic Crustacea groups, highlighting some of the key developments that have influenced the current understanding of these parasites.
A Review of Bopyrids (Crustacea: Isopoda: Bopyridae) Parasitic on Caridean Shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from China
This chapter discusses new taxa, taxonomic Decisions, and Chinese records recorded in the period from 1772 to 1923, as well as specific cases up to and including the year of Bopyrinella parameces.


Four new records and a new species of Dactylokepon Stebbing, 1910 (Epicaridea: Bopyridae: Ioninae) from Chinese waters
Five species of the parasitic isopod genus Dactylokepon are described from brachyuran crabs and a scyllarid shrimp collected in Chinese waters, and one species is new to science, having a prominent trifid frontal lamina and a distinct digitate barbula.
Description of a new genus and two new species of Ioninae (Isopoda: Epicaridea: Bopyridae) parasites of Leucosiidae (Decapoda: Brachyura) from Beibu Gulf
A new genus, Onkokepon n. gen., and two new species, O. articulatus n. sp. and O. beibuensis n. sp., infesting Leucosia longibranchia Shen & Chen and Leucosia unidentata de Haan, respectively, are
A review of the genus Apocepon Nierstrasz & Brender a Brandis (Isopoda : Epicaridea : Bopyridae) parasitic on purse crabs (Decapoda : Brachyura : Leucosiidae) from Chinese waters, with description of a new species
Four purse crab species are recorded for the first time as hosts of parasitic isopods of this genus and a brief differential diagnosis, data on the distribution and a key to the three species in the genus Apocepon are provided.
Crustacea Isopoda: Bopyridae in the MUSORSTOM collections from the tropical Indo-Pacific. II. Species in subfamily Pseudioninae infesting non-anomuran hosts
Two species of Pseudione show new host and geographic records and the subspecies P. nephropsi atlantica Bourdon, 1971 is considered a separate species and the variety P. norinalis Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis, 1931 is considered invalid.
A new species and two new record species of genus Allokepon Markham, 1982 (Isopoda: Epicaridea: Bopyridae) from China
Descriptions of a new species and two new records of species of the genus Allokepon Markham, 1982 from Chinese waters are presented, and the male of A. monodi is presented.
The brachyuran crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Eumellonidae and Portunidae) symbiotic with echinoderms in Taiwan
Five species of brachyuran crabs in 2 families, Echinoecus pentagonus, Harrovia albolineata, Permanotus purpureus, and Lissocarcinus orbicularis are new records for Taiwan.
It is expected that many new species and possibly genera will be found in the Pacific as collecting continues, and the writer is in the process of preparing a monograph covering the Epicaridea of the northern Pacific.
Allokepon hendersoni (Giard and Bonnier, 1888); East China Sea and Yellow Sea
  • 2008
Allokepon longicauda Duan, An and Yu
  • 2008