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First record of Paradiopatra bihanica ( Polychaeta , onuphidae ) in the Adriatic Sea

  title={First record of Paradiopatra bihanica ( Polychaeta , onuphidae ) in the Adriatic Sea},
  author={A. Santelli and Elisa Punzo and P. Strafella and Clara Cuicchi and B Brunetti and Gianna Fabi},
Paradioatra bihanica (Intes and Le Loeuff, 1975) is a polychaete species belonging to the family Onuphidae. Members of this family occurs in all oceans from intertidal to the deepest depths (FAUCHALD & JUMARS, 1979; FAUCHALD, 1980; PAXTON, 1986; BUDAEVA & ROGACHEVA, 2013), inhabiting various biotopes and occasionally reaching very high densities (BAILEYBROCK, 1984). These species range in length from a few centimeters to 3 meters (PAXTON, 1986). Most of them are tubicolous and can live… 

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