First record of Latris lineata (Forster, 1801) in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean.

  title={First record of Latris lineata (Forster, 1801) in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean.},
  author={J. A. Waessle and A. C. Milessi},
Striped trumpeter, Latris lineata (Forster 1801), is an important deep-water by-catch and recreational fisheries species in New Zealand and Australia (Tracey & Lyle 2005; Beentjes et al. 2010). The species can grow to a relatively large size (1200 mm total length, 25 kg body weight) and live more than 40 years old (Tracey & Lyle 2005; Beentjes et al. 2010). It is regarded as a southern circum-global species widely distributed in the temperate waters of Australia, New Zealand, sub-Antarctic… Expand
New zealand trumpeter re-discovered in patagonian fjords after more than 100 years (perciformes, latridae)
* Pablo Reyes, Fundación Ictiológica, Av. Pedro de Valdivia 2086, Of. 406, Providencia, Santiago, Chile ** Verena Häussermann & Günter Försterra, Facultad de Recursos Naturales, Escuela de CienciasExpand
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Presence of the telescope fish Mendosoma lineatum in Patagonian waters, a new species in the ichthyological fauna from the south-west Atlantic Ocean.
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A new species of trumpeter (Teleostei; Percomorpha; Latridae) from the central South Pacific Ocean, with a taxonomic review of the striped trumpeter Latris lineata
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Genetic structuring of Latris lineata at localized and transoceanic scales
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Age validation, growth modeling, and mortality estimates for striped trumpeter (Latris lineata) from southeastern Australia: making the most of patchy data
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