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First record of Beryx splendens (Osteichthyes, Berycidae) in the Mediterranean

  title={First record of Beryx splendens (Osteichthyes, Berycidae) in the Mediterranean},
  author={Lidia Orsi Relini and G. Palandri and Fulvio Garibaldi and Patrizia Gavagnin},
La presence de Beryx splendens dans les eaux de la Mediterranee est signalee suite a la capture d'un exemplaire par un chalutier, a environ 635 m de profondeur dans le Golfe de Genes. 

On the record of alfonsino Beryx splendens (Berycidae) in Sardinian seas (central-western Mediterranean)

Un specimen mâle adulte d'alfonsino Beryx splendens a ete capture au large du cap Carbonara (SE Sardaigne, Italie) en novembre 2009. Cette capture represente le deuxieme signalement dans les eaux


The authors, on the basis of the research they have been carrying out since the seventies, summarise the main characteristics of the Pelagos Sanctuary in terms of its bathyal and mesopelagic

Additional records of Beryx splendens (Osteichthyes: Berycidae) from the Mediterranean Sea, with notes on molecular phylogeny and parasites

The genetic analysis showed a high level of gene flow between Mediterranean and North-eastern Atlantic samples, and the biological and parasitological data suggested that B. splendens may be established in the western Mediterranean in small populations relegated to deep-sea submarine rises.

A new record and biological evidence supporting the establishment of Beryx splendens (Actinopterygii: Beryciformes: Berycidae) in the western Mediterranean basin

A new specimen of splendid alfonsino, Beryx splendens Lowe, was caught by trawling in July 2016 in the Ligurian Sea at the depth of 350 m, in the proximity of a submarine canyon, and revealed that the specimen was a male in an advanced stage of gonadal development.

Sex and reproduction of the alfonsino Beryx splendens (Pisces, Berycidae) from the Macaronesian archipelagos

Comparisons on the reproductive biology of the alfonsino, Beryx splendens Lowe, 1834, species with commercial interest in the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands suggest that this species has a specialistic life-history strategy and fisheries based on this species are more susceptible to growth overfishing and population depletion.

Recent findings of some uncommon fishes from the central Tyrrhenian Sea

The extension of the geo- graphic area of a termophilic species, P. incisus, and the occurrence, in Anzio waters, of Sphyraena viridensis, currently recognized as endemic to the Mediterranean is discussed.

Global and New Caledonian patterns of population genetic variation in the deep-sea splendid alfonsino, Beryx splendens, inferred from mtDNA

Splendid alfonsino Beryxsplendens is a commercial species in several countries, but is not currently exploited in New Caledonia. Information on species biology and genetics can influence the

Alien Species Alert: Rapana venosa (veined whelk) Prepared by the Working Group on Introductions and Transfers of Marine Organisms

s of presentations of a scientific seminar held in Murmansk (27-28 January, 2000) on introductions into the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, the Baltic, the White Sea and the Barents Sea