First-principles calculation of structural energetics of Al – TM ( TM = Ti , Zr , Hf ) intermetallics

  title={First-principles calculation of structural energetics of Al – TM ( TM = Ti , Zr , Hf ) intermetallics},
  author={Gorachand Ghosh and Mark Asta},
The total energies and equilibrium cohesive properties of 69 intermetallics in the Al–TM (TM = Ti, Zr and Hf) systems are calculated from first-principles employing electronic density-functional theory, ultrasoft pseudopotentials and the generalized gradient approximation. This work has been undertaken to investigate systematics in Al–TM alloying energetics, and to augment available calorimetric data for enthalpies of formation in support of the development of accurate multicomponent… CONTINUE READING


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