First-post-Newtonian quadrupole tidal interactions in binary systems

  title={First-post-Newtonian quadrupole tidal interactions in binary systems},
  author={Justin Vines and 'Eanna 'E. Flanagan},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We consider tidal coupling in a binary stellar system to first-post-Newtonian order. We derive the orbital equations of motion for bodies with spins and mass quadrupole moments and show that they conserve the total linear momentum of the binary. We note that spin-orbit coupling must be included in a 1PN treatment of tidal interactions in order to maintain consistency (except in the special case of adiabatically induced quadrupoles); inclusion of 1PN quadrupolar tidal effects while omitting spin… 
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Tidal effects have an important impact on the late inspiral of compact binary systems containing neutron stars. Most current models of tidal deformations of neutron stars assume that the tidal bulge
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