First-order transition from antiferromagnetism to ferromagnetism in Ce(Fe 0.96 Al 0.04 ) 2

  title={First-order transition from antiferromagnetism to ferromagnetism in Ce(Fe 0.96 Al 0.04 ) 2},
  author={Meghmalhar Manekar and Sujeet Chaudhary and M. K. Chattopadhyay and K. J. Singh and S B Roy and Praveen Chaddah},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Results of dc magnetization study are presented showing interesting thermomagnetic history effects across the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in Ce(Fe$_{0.96}$Al$_{0.04})_2$. Specifically, we observe (i)ZFC/FC irreversibility rising with increasing field; (ii) virgin curve lying outside the envelope M-H curve. We argue that these effects are quite different from the characteristics seen in spin-glasses or in hard ferromagnets; they can be understood as metastabilities associated… 
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