First observation of the doubly charmed baryon Xi(+)(cc).

  title={First observation of the doubly charmed baryon Xi(+)(cc).},
  author={M. Mattson and G. Alkhazov and A. G. Atamantchouk and M. Balatz and N. Bondar and P. Cooper and L. Dauwe and G. Davidenko and U. Dersch and A. Dolgolenko and G. Dzyubenko and R. Edelstein and L. Emediato and A. Endler and J. Engelfried and I. Eschrich and C. Escobar and A. Evdokimov and I. Filimonov and F. Garcia and M. Gaspero and I. Giller and V. Golovtsov and P. Gouffon and E. G{\"u}lmez and H. Kangling and M. Iori and S. Jun and M. Kaya and J. Kilmer and V. Kim and L. Kochenda and I. Konorov and A. Kozhevnikov and A. Krivshich and H. Krueger and M. Kubantsev and V. Kubarovsky and A. Kulyavtsev and N. Kuropatkin and V. Kurshetsov and A. Kushnirenko and S. Kwan and J. Lach and A. Lamberto and L. Landsberg and I. Larin and E. Leikin and L. Yun-shan and M. Luksys and T. Lungov and V. Maleev and D. Mao and M. Chensheng and M. Zhenlin and P. Mathew and V. Matveev and E. McCliment and M. Moinester and V. V. Molchanov and A. Morelos and K. D. Nelson and A. Nemitkin and P. Neoustroev and C. Newsom and A. P. Nilov and S. Nurushev and A. Ocherashvili and E. Oliveira and Y. Onel and E. Ozel and S. Ozkorucuklu and A. Penzo and S. Petrenko and P. Pogodin and M. Procario and V. A. Prutskoi and E. Ramberg and G. Rappazzo and B. Razmyslovich and V. Rud and J. Russ and P. Schiavon and J. Sim{\'o}n and A. I. Sitnikov and D. Skow and V. Smith and M. Srivastava and V. Steiner and V. Stepanov and L. Stutte and M. Svoiski and N. Terentyev and G. Thomas and L. Uvarov and A. Vasiliev and D. Vavilov and V. Verebryusov and V. Victorov and V. Vishnyakov and A. Vorobyov and K. Vorwalter and J. You and Z. Wenheng and Z. Shuchen and R. Zukanovich-Funchal},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={89 11},
  • M. Mattson, G. Alkhazov, +103 authors R. Zukanovich-Funchal
  • Published 2002
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Physical review letters
  • We observe a signal for the doubly charmed baryon Xi(+)(cc) in the charged decay mode Xi(+)(cc)-->Lambda(+)(c)K-pi(+) in data from SELEX, the charm hadroproduction experiment at Fermilab. We observe an excess of 15.9 events over an expected background of 6.1+/-0.5 events, a statistical significance of 6.3sigma. The observed mass of this state is 3519+/-1 MeV/c(2). The Gaussian mass width of this state is 3 MeV/c(2), consistent with resolution; its lifetime is less than 33 fs at 90% confidence. 

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