First observation of Hb Tunis [beta124(H2)Pro>Ser] in Turkey.

  title={First observation of Hb Tunis [beta124(H2)Pro>Ser] in Turkey.},
  author={Aylin K{\"o}seler and Hasan Koyuncu and Onur Can {\"O}zt{\"u}rk and Anzel Bahadır and Sanem Demirtepe and A. Selin Atalay and Erol {\"O}mer Atalay},
  journal={Turkish journal of haematology : official journal of Turkish Society of Haematology},
  volume={27 2},
Hb Tunis [beta124(H2)Pro>Ser] was reported from Tunisia in 1988. This hemoglobin variant was detected by isoelectric focusing moving just ahead of Hb A. It cannot be identified by standard hemoglobin electrophoresis due to its similar mobility to Hb A. It has normal stability and oxygen affinity and does not produce any clinical symptoms. Here, we report a heterozygous Hb Tunis [beta124(H2)Pro>Ser] case discovered for the first time in Turkey in a premarital screening program. This hemoglobin… CONTINUE READING

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