First metatarsal fractures.


First metatarsal fractures are rare because of their thick size and shape. They are to be treated aggressively because of the prolonged disability associated with such fractures. Any injury to the first ray may drastically alter the pattern of normal gait and weight-bearing. Most of the literature regarding such fractures is anecdotal, and there is little in the way of scientific articles that investigate their management. The general consensus for treatment of closed, nondisplaced first metatarsal fractures is to use some form of plaster immobilization. Nevertheless, there is much variation in the literature concerning the length of time patients should be casted. Rigid internal fixation using AO techniques is preferred if open reduction is to be instituted. Long-term complications with first metatarsal fractures are attributed mostly to malunion in the sagittal plane, resulting in a nonplantigrade foot.

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