First massive state of the superstring in superspace

  title={First massive state of the superstring in superspace},
  author={Nathan Berkovits and Marcelo M. Leite},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
Massive Superstring Vertex Operator in D = 10 Superspace
Using the pure spinor formalism for the superstring, the vertex operator for the first massive states of the open superstring is constructed in a manifestly super-Poincare covariant manner. This
Instanton Solutions in Open Superstring Field Theory
Open superstring field theory admits a “hybrid” formulation where N = 1 D = 4 supersymmetry is manifest for Calabi-Yau compactifications to four dimensions. Using this formulation, the half-BPS
Superfield equations forN=1 massive multiplets
We consider equations of motion for some massiveN=1 supermultiplets of fields, using superfields and their superderivatives. The formalism is based on the superprojectors.
Pure-spinor superstrings in d = 2,4,6
We continue the study of the d = 2,4,6 pure-spinor superstring models introduced in [1]. By explicitly solving the pure-spinor constraint we show that these theories have vanishing central charge and
On Lagrangian Formulation of Higher-Superspin Irreducible Representations of the Super-Poincaré Group
Title of dissertation: ON LAGRANGIAN FORMULATION OF HIGHER SUPERSPIN IRREDUCIBLE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE SUPER-POINCARÉ GROUP Konstantinos Koutrolikos Doctor of Philosophy, 2013 Dissertation directed
Scattering amplitudes in open superstring theory
This review is concerned with scattering amplitudes in open superstring theories. In particular, we introduce two different formalisms to compute tree level amplitudes – the Ramond Neveu Schwarz‐


A New Description of the Superstring
This is a review of the new manifestly spacetime-supersymmetric description of the superstring. The new description contains N=2 worldsheet supersymmetry, and is related by a field redefinition to
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