First in situ plasma and neutral gas measurements at comet Halley

  title={First in situ plasma and neutral gas measurements at comet Halley},
  author={K. Gringauz and T. Gombosi and A. Remizov and I. Ap{\'a}thy and I. Szemerey and M. Verigin and L. I. Denchikova and A. Dyachkov and E. Keppler and I. N. Klimenko and A. Richter and A. Somogyi and K. Szegő and S. Szendrő and M. T{\'a}trallyay and A. Varga and G. A. Vladimirova},
We present the first in situ observations and a description of the large-scale behaviour of comet Halley's plasma environment. The PLASMAG-1 experiment, carried aboard the spacecraft Vega 1 and Vega 2, had the following aims: (1) to study the change of plasma parameters and distributions as a function of distance from the nucleus; (2) to investigate the existence and structure of the cometary bow shock; (3) to determine the change in chemical composition of the heavily mass-loaded plasma as the… Expand
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