First identification of large electric monopole strength in well-deformed rare earth nuclei

  title={First identification of large electric monopole strength in well-deformed rare earth nuclei},
  author={K. Wimmer and Vinzenz Bildstein and K. Eppinger and Roman Gernhauser and Dietrich Habs and Ch. Hinke and Th. Kroll and Reiner Krucken and Rudolf Lutter and H. J. Maier and P. Maierbeck and Th. Morgan and O. Schaile and Wolfgang Schwerdtfeger and S. Schwertel and Peter G. Thirolf},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Experiment},
Excited states in the well-deformed rare earth isotopes {sup 154}Sm and {sup 166}Er were populated via 'safe' Coulomb excitation at the Munich MLL Tandem accelerator. Conversion electrons were registered in a cooled Si(Li) detector in conjunction with a Mini-Orange spectrometer. For the first excited 0{sup +} state in {sup 154}Sm at 1099 keV a large value of the monopole strength for the transition to the ground state of {rho}{sup 2}(E0) = 96(42){center_dot}10{sup -3} could be extracted. This… Expand

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