First findings of juvenile lophiidae in the Sea of Okhotsk

  title={First findings of juvenile lophiidae in the Sea of Okhotsk},
  author={Vladimir E. Kharin and A. A. Balanov and V. V. Zemnukhov},
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The family Lophiidae is represented in Russia’s waters by three species, one of which— Lophius piscatorius —is found in the Black and Barents seas, and the other two of which— L. litulon (Jordan in Jordan et Sindo, 1902) and Lophiomus setigerus —are known from the Sea of Japan (Parin, 2002) thanks to a few catches containing adult individuals in the Peter the Great Bay and off the Sea of Japan, near the coast of Sakhalin (Kharin and Cheblukov, 2005). Fry of both species have not been caught in… 
New findings of Lophius litulon (Lophiidae) off the Southern Kurils
Out Outer morphological characters of the specimens caught in waters off the Southern Kurils are described in comparison with those of specimens from other regions of the north-western part of the Pacific Ocean.
New information on the fauna of warm-water fishes of northern Maritime Territory
  • E. Kolpakov
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Ichthyology
  • 2007
Another three species of warm-water fishes previously unknown for the waters of the northern Maritime Territory which were found in 2005 are given.


On New Findings of Lophius litulon and Lophiomus setigerus ( Lophiidae ) in Russian Waters and a Rare Catch of Eurymen gyrinus ( Psychrolutidae ) in Peter the Great Bay
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  • 2005