First discovery of a primitive coelacanth fin fills a major gap in the evolution of lobed fins and limbs

  title={First discovery of a primitive coelacanth fin fills a major gap in the evolution of lobed fins and limbs},
  author={M. Friedman and M. Coates and P. Anderson},
  journal={Evolution & Development},
  • M. Friedman, M. Coates, P. Anderson
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Evolution & Development
  • SUMMARY The fossil record provides unique clues about the primitive pattern of lobed fins, the precursors of digit‐bearing limbs. Such information is vital for understanding the evolutionary transition from fish fins to tetrapod limbs, and it guides the choice of model systems for investigating the developmental changes underpinning this event. However, the evolutionary preconditions for tetrapod limbs remain unclear. This uncertainty arises from an outstanding gap in our knowledge of early… CONTINUE READING
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