First description of demodicosis in 12 galagos (Galago senegalensis).

  title={First description of demodicosis in 12 galagos (Galago senegalensis).},
  author={E. I. Kuznetsova and Anastasia Vysokikh and Patrick J. Bourdeau},
  journal={Veterinary dermatology},
  volume={23 1},
  pages={61-4, e14}
Twelve Galago senegalensis from the Moscow Zoo were presented with papular to nodular (2-11 mm) lesions on the pinnae, containing a white, waxy material. Microscopic examination revealed large numbers of mites consistent with the morphology of Demodex spp. mites. Nine animals were treated with ivermectin, 600 μg/kg/day topically, orally or subcutaneously for 3-10 months, while one remained untreated. All the treated animals achieved clinical remission. The control animal was still affected and… CONTINUE READING


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