First application of combined isochronous and Schottky mass spectrometry: Half-lives of fully ionized Cr24+49 and Fe26+53 atoms

  title={First application of combined isochronous and Schottky mass spectrometry: Half-lives of fully ionized Cr24+49 and Fe26+53 atoms},
  author={Xiaolin Tu and X. C. Chen and J. T. Zhang and Peng Shuai and Ke Yue and X. D. Xu and C. Y. Fu and Q. B. Zeng and X. H. Zhou and Y. M. Xing and J. X. Wu and Ruishi Mao and Lijun Mao and K. H. Fang and Z. Y. Sun and M. Q. Wang and J. C. Yang and Yuri A. Litvinov and Klaus Blaum and Y H Zhang and Y J Yuan and X. W. Ma and X. H. Zhou and H. Xu},
  journal={Physical Review C},
Lifetime measurements of β-decaying highly charged ions have been performed in the experimental storage ring (CSRe) by applying the isochronous Schottky mass spectrometry. The fully ionized Cr49 and Fe53 ions were produced in projectile fragmentation of Ni58 primary beam and were stored in the CSRe tuned into the isochronous ion-optical mode. The new resonant Schottky detector was applied to monitor the intensities of stored uncooled Cr24+49 and Fe26+53 ions. The extracted half-lives T1/2(Cr24… 
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