First aid and treatment of minor burns

  title={First aid and treatment of minor burns},
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Some 250 000 burns occur annually in the United Kingdom. About 90% of these are minor and can be safely managed in primary care. Most of these will heal regardless of treatment, but the initial care can have a considerable influence on the cosmetic outcome. All burns should be assessed by taking an adequate history and examination. The aims of first aid should be to stop the burning process, cool the burn, provide pain relief, and cover the burn. ![][1] A superficial scald suitable for… 

Burn wound progression and the importance of first aid

It is essential for all clinicians involved in the care of patients with burn injuries to understand how interventions can affect healing and outcomes and to consider success in terms of patients’ resulting satisfaction with life and physical, functional and emotional wellbeing.

Development and evaluation of a new model of minor burn care

Interestingly, in spite of the paucity of publications on minor burns, review of the research uncovered recent work advocating efficiency in the management of minor burns.

Burn first aid in Western Australia--do healthcare workers have the knowledge?

Managing Burns and Related Complications in Emergency

The definitive treatment of burns is tangential excision and early grafting, since they are the only measures that decrease the metabolic demand, infections, hospital stay and morbidity.

Emergency and early management of burns and scalds

The principles behind managing major burns and scalds using an evidence based approach are discussed and a framework for managing simple burns in the community is provided.

Are parents in the UK equipped to provide adequate burns first aid?

On Scene First Aid and Emergency Care for Burn Victims

Although recent data from Burn Repository in USA showed significant improvement of overall burns mortality, there are still many areas that can be improved especially in the early stage of burns treatment to optimize chances of survival and outcome.

Early management in children with burns: Cooling, wound care and pain management.

Dressings for superficial and partial thickness burns.

The use of silver sulphadiazine as a comparator on burn wounds for the full duration of treatment needs to be reconsidered, as a number of studies showed delays in time to wound healing and increased number of dressing applications in patients treated with SSD dressings.



A simplified method of treating burns of the hands.

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