First Stirrings: Cultural Notes on Orgasm, Ejaculation, and Wet Dreams

  title={First Stirrings: Cultural Notes on Orgasm, Ejaculation, and Wet Dreams},
  author={Diederik F. Janssen},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
  pages={122 - 134}
Both the findings and the limitations of numeric milestone research in sexology have a bearing on the pedagogical status of pleasure, as well as the cultural underpinnings of the notion of a psychosexual milestone. An overview is offered of international data pertaining to the chronology of three “milestones” in sexual autobiography: first orgasm (orgasmarche), first ejaculation (oigarche), and first wet dream (nocturnal emission). Methodological problems associated with the measurement of… 
Timing of pubertal maturation according to the age at first conscious ejaculation
It is suggested that in the presence of testicular volume ≥6 ml asking about ejaculation is reasonable and not superfluous and self‐reported spontaneous ejaculation can be used as an index of male pubertal timing.
Transition from Paroxysmal Disorder in Infancy to the Masturbatory Orgasm in Childhood
A case details a case that may answer the question whether the paroxysmal disorder seen in infants who have yet to develop self-awareness or ideas about sex is equivalent to the masturbatory orgasm seen later on in childhood.
Mubobobo: Women have no Sexual Fantasies in their Sleep
Mubobobo is a belief among traditional Shona people of Zimbabwe that women cannot have nocturnal emis- sion in their sleep. This study explored traditional Shona womens experiences of mubobobo from
First Love: A Case Study in Quantitative Appropriation of Social Concepts
Peer love is a highly invested autobiographical marker, and its scientific ascent can be studied in terms of its literature’s motives, stated objectives, exclusions, and delimitations. In this
The Development of Sexuality
This chapter provides a comprehensive review of current research on children's and adolescents' sexual motivations, desires, and behaviors, and the multiple factors that influence the unfolding of
Re-Queering Queer Youth Development: A Post-Developmental Approach to Childhood and Pedagogy
ABSTRACT Contemporary reflection on queer-radical and queer-deconstructionist curricula has only marginally included a radical deconstruction of the principle of curricula itself. This article
Comprehensive Literature Review Pertaining to Married Men Who Have Sex With Men (MMSM)
Scholarly literature shows that sexual behavior of married men who have sex with men (MMSM) varies widely. Sexual encounters often have diverse meanings that result from internal and external factors
Association of Sexual Maturation and Body Size of Arfak Children
It is found that median age of Arfak girls in Manokwari, West Papua is 12.2 years, while median age at spermarche of boys is 13.6 years, a possible factor causing young age at menarche is due to adaptation to unstable environmental conditions because of high risk of mortality by malaria disease during childhood.


The role of the Grafenberg Spot and female ejaculation in the female orgasmic response: an empirical analysis.
A series of variables thought to be associated with perceptions of the Grafenberg Spot and its relationship, if any, to the female orgasmic response and female ejaculation were explored.
Recollections of spermarche: An exploratory investigation
Only a couple of previous investigations have examined the possibility that spermarche, or the first male ejaculation of seminal fluid, could serve as a salient biological marker in adolescent
“I've Never Thought about It”: Contradictions and Taboos Surrounding American Males' Experiences of First Ejaculation (Semenarche)
First ejaculation research is scant, but studies reveal a contradiction: The majority of males report positive reactions to the event, and they are curious and interested about it, but they also tell
Oigarche: The Age at First Ejaculation *
The relationship between the age at first ejaculation and the testicularVolume means that once this testicular volume has been reached, the question about the presence of ejaculations no longer need be posed “prematurely” (and becomes the possible cause of feelings of inferiority).
Problems in female development. Comments on the analysis of an early latency-age girl.
  • R. Frenkel
  • Psychology
    The Psychoanalytic study of the child
  • 1993
A 6 1/2-year-old girl's clinical material relevant to the emergence of clitoral and vaginal masturbation and masturbation fantasies during analytic sessions is presented, validating the psychoanalytic approach.
Age at first conscious ejaculation: A milestone in male puberty.
It is concluded that registration of the first conscious ejaculation may constitute an useful index of maturation in the male.
The Adolescence Scale (AS‐ICSM)
Findings show that the AS‐ICSM is a reliable and economic tool for research into the concomitants of early and late puberty.
On orgasm, sexual techniques, and erotic perceptions in 18- to 74-year-old Swedish women.
This investigation shows that women's generation and with it several long-ranging aspects of women's sexual history and their feelings of being sexual are important indicators of their orgasmic and thereby their overall sexual well-being.
A study of white middle-class adolescent boys' responses to “semenarche” (the first ejaculation)
Few empirical studies focus on how boys respond to puberty. This paper presents the results of a questionnaire and interview survey of 36 white middleclass adolescent male camp counselors (mean age,