First Report of a Nanovirus Disease of Pea in Germany.

  title={First Report of a Nanovirus Disease of Pea in Germany.},
  author={Ioana Grigoras and Bruno Dr. Gronenborn and H. Josef Vetten},
  journal={Plant disease},
  volume={94 5},
During the growing season of 2009, a disease consisting of leaf rolling, top yellows, and plant stunting affected pea (Pisum sativum) in fields near Aschersleben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Samples from symptomatic plants collected in July 2009 were analyzed at the JKI in Braunschweig for infections by various legume viruses by ELISA, immunoelectron microscopy, and transmission assays by sap and aphids. Of 23 samples, 9 were shown to contain Pea enation mosaic virus and three samples each… CONTINUE READING