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First Records of Some Naididae (Oligochaeta) Species for Turkey

  title={First Records of Some Naididae (Oligochaeta) Species for Turkey},
  author={Naime Arslan and Yalçın Şahin},
  journal={Turkish Journal of Zoology},
Samples were collected from 79 stations in the Sakarya River Basin between September 1995 and August 1998. A total of 34 species of aquatic Oligochaeta were determined and 15 of them (Chaetogaster langi Bretscher, 1896, Paranais frici Hrabe, 1941, Nais communis Piguet, 1906, N. bretscheri Michaelsen, 1899, N. barbata Muller 1773, N. simplex Piguet, 1906, N. pseudobtusa Piguet, 1906, Dero (Aulophorus) furcatus (O. F. Muller, 1773), Dero (Aulophorus) borellii Michaelsen, 1900, Spericaria josinae… 

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