First Phase of Heavy Ion Acceleration at the Bevatron

  title={First Phase of Heavy Ion Acceleration at the Bevatron},
  author={D. and M.. and Evans and Grunder and J.. and R. and Cuggemos and W... and Hartsough and {\'E}. and Lofgren and F.. and Lothrop and K. and H. and Lo{\^u} and Morgado and Richter}
High Energy Heavy-Ion Beams have become a standard operational feature of the Bevatron. A diversified experimental program using these beams complement the traditional proton-physics program, and at present accounts for about one-quarter of the Bevatron operation time. Beams of ion species up to mass number 20 (neon), and with intensities up to 108 particles per pulse for carbon, are available on target in the extracted beam channel. Initial heavy-ion operation began a year-and-one-half ago and… CONTINUE READING