First Person Shooter Game


3D game development is an exciting activity for many students. But getting a handle on 3D game development for novices may be a daunting task. We take this opportunity to present a quick introduction to 3D game development through a few tutorials. For the next few columns a set of tutorials for a 3D first person shooter game developed by graduate and undergraduate students under the guidance of a faculty member from the University of West Florida will be presented. These tutorials were developed with 3D game Studio by Conitec. To follow along, download the software from These tutorials include all elements of game development such as modeling and animation, lighting, collision detection, sound and scripting. Each tutorial will focus on one or more of these aspects. This week we start out with creating a room and adding some objects to the room. The instructions for this are presented below.

DOI: 10.5381/jot.2008.7.4.c6
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MaterialBall.mdl " to the room by accessing Object ‐> Load Entity 2. Resize and adjust the ball as desired 3. Duplicate the ball as many times as desired

Note: Remember to adjust the room lighting to achieve the desired effect