First-Order vs. Second-Order Encodings for \textsc ltl_f -to-Automata Translation

  title={First-Order vs. Second-Order Encodings for \textsc ltl_f -to-Automata Translation},
  author={Shufang Zhu and Geguang Pu and Moshe Y. Vardi},
Translating formulas of Linear Temporal Logic (ltl) over finite traces, or \({\textsc {ltl}}_f\), to symbolic Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) plays an important role not only in \({\textsc {ltl}}_f\) synthesis, but also in synthesis for Safety ltl formulas. The translation is enabled by using \(\mathsf {MONA}\), a powerful tool for symbolic, BDD-based, DFA construction from logic specifications. Recent works used a first-order encoding of \({\textsc {ltl}}_f\) formulas to translate… CONTINUE READING

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