First Observation of the Decay D_s^+ to proton anti-neutron

  title={First Observation of the Decay D\_s^+ to proton anti-neutron},
  author={Cleo Collaboration S. B. Athar and et. al.},
Using e^+e^- -> D_s^*+ D_s^- data collected near the peak D_s production energy, E_cm=4170 MeV, with the CLEO-c detector, we present the first observation of the decay D_s^+ -> proton anti-neutron. We measure a branching fraction B(D_s^+ -> p anti-n = (1.30 +- 0.36 +0.12 -0.16) x 10^-3. This is the first observation of a charmed meson decaying into a baryon-antibaryon final state. 
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