First NuSTAR Observations of Mrk 501 within a Radio to TeV Multi-Instrument Campaign

  title={First NuSTAR Observations of Mrk 501 within a Radio to TeV Multi-Instrument Campaign},
  author={A. K. Furniss and Katsuya Noda and S. A. Boggs and Jung-Hsien Chiang and F. Christensen and William W. Craig and Paolo Giommi and C. Hailey and F. Harisson and G. M. Madejski and Krzysztof Nalewajko and Matteo Perri and Daniel Stern and Meg Urry and Francesco Verrecchia and W. W. Zhang and Max Ludwig Ahnen and Stefano Ansoldi and Lucio Angelo Antonelli and P. Antoranz and A Jelena Babic and Bibek Banerjee and Priyadarshini Bangale and U. Barres de Almeida and J. A. Barrio and Josefa Becerra Gonz{\'a}lez and Włodek Bednarek and Elisa Bernardini and Barbara Biasuzzi and Adrian Biland and Oscar Blanch and Sabrina Bonnefoy and Giacomo Bonnoli and F. Borracci and Thomas Bretz and Erico R Carmona and Andrea Carosi and Arkya Chatterjee and Rene Clavero and Pedro Colin and Emanuela Colombo and Jorgelina Lupiano Contreras and Juan Cortina and Stefano Covino and P. 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Weiner and Amanda Weinstein and Alina Wilhelm and D A Williams and Benjamin Zitzer and Oded Fuhrmann and Emmanouil Angelakis and Vassilis Karamanavis and Ioannis Myserlis and Thomas P. Krichbaum and J. Anton Zensus and Hans Ungerechts and A. Sievers R. Bachev and Markus Bottcher and Wen Ping Chen and G. Damljanovic and Chakali Eswaraiah and Tolga Guver and Talvikki Hovatta and Zachariah Hughes and Sunay Ibryamov and Michael D. Joner and B. Jordan and Svetlana G. Jorstad and Makarand Joshi and Jun Kataoka and Omar M. Kurtanidze and Sofia O. Kurtanidze and Anne Lahteenmaki and Georgi Latev and Hung Chou Lin and V. M. Larionov and A. A. Mokrushina and Daria A. Morozova and Maria G. Nikolashvili and Claudia Maria Raiteri and Venkatessh Ramakrishnan and A. C. R. Readhead and Alberto Carlo Sadun and Lorand A. Sigua and Evgeni H. Semkov and Anton Strigachev and Joni Tammi and Merja Tornikoski and Y. V. Troitskaya I. S. Troitsky and Massimo Villata},
  • A. K. Furniss, Katsuya Noda, +272 authors Massimo Villata
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • We report on simultaneous broadband observations of the TeV-emitting blazar Markarian 501 between 1 April and 10 August 2013, including the first detailed characterization of the synchrotron peak with Swift and NuSTAR. During the campaign, the nearby BL Lac object was observed in both a quiescent and an elevated state. The broadband campaign includes observations with NuSTAR, MAGIC, VERITAS, the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT), Swift X-ray Telescope and UV Optical Telescope, various ground… CONTINUE READING

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